Sunday, February 25, 2007

ICT4D: Feb 20-23, 2007

Returning to blogger after a long time, during which a lot has changed, and a lot hasn't. This post is essentially a placeholder for a photo-journal of my participation at the Pan-Asia Information Communications Technology Forum at Singapore earlier this month. The forum brought together practitioners of ICT for Development (ICT4D) from twelve Asia-Pacific countries.

Professors from the IITs rubbed shoulders with NGO social entrepreneurs from Mongolia and the Solomon Islands. A Microsoft representative had to reckon with Philipino activists promoting open source and inter-operable software, and t-shirts that proclaimed "No Windows, No Gates: No Bill, it's Free". Projects were diverse: an epidemic surveillance system for Dengue fever in Indonesia, a portal for homemakers in Malaysia, an Urdu font development project from Pakistan, a mountain GIS from Nepal... the list ran into about 60 projects, each more inspiring than the other.

Also got to meet new people, forge what we hope will be long-term partnerships, and make new friends.

My pic album is here, and pro Suchit Nanda has a selection here. An annotated selection will soon replace this placeholder.