Friday, April 06, 2012

s'rI gurunA pAlitO'smi

It has been a year since my Guru Smt Kalpakam Swaminathan passed away. Among the many ways I've been remembering her today is through this rendition of s'rI gurunA pAlitO'smi. The song is part of a studio recording made by Kiran Kannappan and friends from SwaraSamuha in Bangalore in 2005.

Mami's trips to Bangalore for concerts at Ananya and Bangalore Gayana Samaj, the Veena Seshanna award, and her chamber concerts at Kiran's home, were among the high points of her last few years.

She never ceased to remark at the enthusiastic response she received at her public and private concerts in Bangalore, and felt that such a response for veena music was not to be found in Chennai. She was also overwhelmed and moved by the warmth and affection from Kiran and his family, at whose place she stayed during her trips.

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