Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kaarthigai Deepam

crouched in her balcony
she gazes at the street
agal vilakkus*
line compound walls,
illuminate kolams and staircases
in flickering geometries
of ritual auspiciousness

flames fickle
destined to
die a slow death
as oil surrenders to wick
or a quick one
from a wayward
Marina gust

no flame quite so steady,
she realizes,
as her everyday
kaarthigai deepam**

inscrutable glow of
cigarette butt
as he unflailingly assails
her neck, breasts, thighs
burning her with a precision
astonishing for someone
so drunk

*Earthen oil lamps
** see here
***Image source: Wikimedia 


Bala said...

Beautifully written. The last para sent chills down my spine...

Sharanya said...

Good to hear it yesterday, and good to read it today. Such a delicate touch, but so powerful.