Monday, December 04, 2006

Karthigai Deepam: Dec 03, 2006

One of our all-time favorite festivals. Mrs. Sujatha from next door was kind enough to place a couple of lamps at our door, and Esther - who was one of the people who had taken care of Amma when she had been ailing - brought and stuck a kOlam sticker at our doorstep.

Inaugurated the Canon.

Then, went to Marundeeshwarar kovil in Tiruvanmiyur, met up with Ram, and observed the last set of evening pujas culminating in the diety being taken over to Tripurasundari's chamber.

Dinner at Eden with Ram, short walk to Besant Nagar beach, and some time at Tiruvanmiyur.

Back at midnight.

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