Sunday, December 03, 2006

techno/geeky obsessions

Topping my wish-list is the MacBook Pro, though I'd feel guilty abandoning my faithful ol' jyeshta, G4 Powerbook. Not to mention that one could get two PC laptops for the price of one Apple, should one be in the market for a new laptop to begin with. Cousin Manohar has finally seen the light and gone in for an MBP, kaLappifying my vayaththeruchchal in the process...

My obsessions with technology notwithstanding, I don't think I'll be acquiring this USB beverage chiller anytime soon.

And in the not-techno-but-geeky-nevertheless department, one was momentarily (sensu stricto, not sensu americano) distracted by the Periodic Table shower curtain...

Oh, and I almost forgot: procured by Rohit in Austin, lugged over to Bangalore by Kiran, brought to Chennai from Bangalore by Vijaykrishna: the smoky black Canon S3 IS :

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