Thursday, July 20, 2006

work, family, friends, introspection

The past few days have been busy and eventful in some ways.

There was travel to Bangalore two weeks ago, to hire and orient researchers who will be working with SAATHII in Karnataka, to document good practices of district-level networks of HIV-positive people. And then there was a two-day methodology workshop at our Hyderabad office last week.

These trips and the days in Chennai have been peppered with such pleasant moments as getting to meet my first and second cousins, aunts, and uncles - from the Jaya Paatti, Jana Chitthi and Gowri Chitthi clans - at the wedding of my cousin Shreyas, marvelling at how much my nephew Dhruva and niece Kirthana have grown up, and hanging out with buddies Dea and Ram, among others.

And then I've had the pleasure of hosting - on consecutive weeks - two friends from Bangalore, Chandra and Kiran, both of whom are amongst the most pleasant and considerate of guests one could possibly have.

Despite (or because of?) these, I suspect I'm entering another of my asocial and introspective phases...


Aprilslady said...

Nice photographs.That little girl is so sweet!

mizfit said...

pretty pix!


Mahesh said...

You were in Bangalore? How come I never got to meet you ?? :(