Friday, June 23, 2006

podcasting for fun and (non-) profit

My current explorations around audio-blogging and podcasting are restricted to music and poetry: but what I really would like to do is to make some of my online courses available with audio and video. Googling for antecedents I just came across this news- now several months old - that a Harvard University computer science Ph.D. student is offering an introductory computer and internet course in audio and video podcast format. And now Stanford and University of Michigan Dentistry School are podcasting lectures hosted on Apple's iTunes U. Very cool, but not without its discontents.

Hmmm... much as I despise separating out my life/blog into mutually exclusive compartments, maybe this does call for a separate blog like this.


mizfit said...

it's gonna take me ages till i get time to add podcast to my blog...*sigh*

Nina said...

Good to read from/about you. Ciao!