Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dhanyasi and more...

A pleasant Sunday, all things considered. Woke up at 10 am to a call from Aniruddh inviting me over for lunch, prepared by him. Pulao, mouth-watering bhindi masala made specially for this okraphile, tayir-saadam, home-made pickles, appalaam, topped off with mango custard. Caught up with his parents who are so utterly warm and gracious. Browsed through the spoils of A's recent book&reprint hunting expedition to Bangalore, and took his extra copy of Epistemology of the Closet.

Then, off to veena class with Kalpagam maami at 2 pm. We've been stuck on this Mahalakshmi kritis project for a while, and are now due to
complete mangala dEvatayA before taking on s'rI bhArgavI. Some snippets of the
dhanyAsi AlApana included here for the benefit of Satish, a friend from Orkut.

Grocery shopping at Nilgiris with plans of resuming cooking after a hiatus. Rs. 600 for three measly bags of stuff. To be on the safe side, got mostly frozen stuff - the last ambitious trip had resulted in a kilo of tomatoes that efficiently proceeded to decompose after one or two fortunate(?) ones found their way into a hastily-prepared omelette/scrambled-egg hybrid.

Evening trip to Besant Nagar (unbelievably crowded) beach for Processing with UFO. Post-processing, we walked over to Canton/ Beach Palms, with a power-outage making for a pleasant candle-lit dinner, marred only slightly by the rivulets of sweat that consumed a good 15 paper napkins until the electricity made a cameo reappearance. Then we sat in the car and listened to four tracks from Sinead O'Connor's Faith and Courage.

On the way back, said hi to Praveen and Felix at Adyar Cafe Coffee Day which was bursting at the seams with soccer-enthusiasts glued to the tv.

Listen to rAga dhanyAsi from today's class (mp3 6MB, 3MB, and streaming audio formats)


Mahesh said...

Have tasted Aniruddh's vattal kuzhambu & vendaikai poriyal, and boy, can he cook!! :-)

mizfit said...

u have no idea how nice it seems for me to hear even vaguely south sounding dishes!.... i think i like this Aniruddh guy already


Anonymous said...

Amazing piece of dhanyasi!

Vidya said...

Tomatoes lament
From Rasam to lowly trash
Shedding Bloodstained tears

Aprilslady said...

Could you please post something in raag jog?