Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dikshitar concert, November 12, 2006

I guess time, tide, and the Hindu will not wait for me to update my
blog with October 2006, for the review of last Sunday's concert has already come out, see here:

The concert of Kalpakam mami, for which I was fortunate to be
able to accompany her, was organized by students of the Kolkata-based
music school established by her guru Kallidaikurichi Ananthakrishna
Iyer in the 1940s. Ananthakrishna Iyer and his brother Sundaram
Iyer (of Dikshita Kirtana Mala fame) had studied with Ambi
Dikshitar, and had managed to hand down many rare kritis through
their branches of the Dikshitar shishya parampara.

It was nice to meet this group of n-th generation Kolkata-settled
Tamilians, speaking chaste Bengali, and all obviously so
dedicated to preserving and rendering Dikshitar's compositions.

Click here for a 12.4mb mp3 file, or here for a 128kbps streaming version of the kRti AnandEshwarENa samrakShitO'ham in Anandabhairavi.


bharath said...

nice writeup. thanks for audio. thanks a ton.

Aprilslady said...

thanks so much for the audio's wonderful:)