Saturday, March 10, 2007

cousins, babies, and blogposts

It has always been a peeve of mine that so many people leap into parenthood without thinking twice about what it entails. There is conspicuous absence, in the dizzying world of standardized tests, of a PAT - Parental Aptitude Test.

I was, therefore, quite happy to read my (photo below) cousin Manohar's reflections on impending fatherhood. Here's wishing him and Meera all the very best.

Related note #1 re: cousins+babies -> congratulations to Malini and Avnash on their second baby, born this past week; and best wishes to Vidya and Shiva who're expecting their arrival soon...

Related note #2 re: cousins+blogposts -> inveterate bibliophile Lavanya brings literature and history to bear on her thoughtful piece on Women's Day.

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footnotz said...

Apart from congratulating your cousin, you too deserve accolades - for all those talks and discussions that you'd had with your cousin (Manohar) that probably helped him form his own balanced opinions.

I loved the piece (from Manohar's blog) that you posted on MP too! Just saying what I didn't on MP.