Wednesday, March 07, 2007

count 'em calories

Not one to be particularly subtle, my housemate Jacob gifted me a bathroom scale (purchased ostensibly to weigh his luggage) before leaving for Kenya yesterday. Now I find myself weighing myself twice a day, and thinking actively of downsizing from 70 to 65 kg.

In the meanwhile, Civitarese and colleagues, writing in PLOS Medicine yesterday, report that caloric restriction leads to increase in muscle mitochondrial DNA, and decrease in whole body oxygen consumption and DNA damage. Efficient mitochondria -> lowered free-radical production -> slowed aging.

Ref: Civitarese AE, Carling S, Heilbronn LK, Hulver MH, Ukropcova B, et al. (2007) Calorie restriction increases muscle mitochondrial biogenesis in healthy humans. PLoS Med 4(3): e76. Read article here.

Coverage from the Telegraph, UK, is here.


Aprilslady said...

This post is boring ji:(
I'm done with science.
you should use this calculation
weight(in Kg)/height*height for monitoring ur weight.

footnotz said...

Well, I presume that if you reduce your calorific intake below the average requirement of an adult male you'd suffer dna-damage and not otherwise. So, you still can reduce your weight without going on some stupid anorexic diet (and I know you won't)!

If only weight could reduce by itself just by weighin oneself twice a day... :-)

pretty_simple said...

Calorie restriction coupled with exercise [high intensity short duration] is known to increase muscle mitochondria. Practicing one and not the other will not help.